Animal sound

Clap your hands, choose the green color and listen the voice of your ZzzooLIGHT friend.

Change colour by clapping

ZzzooLIGHT change color with 2 claps. With 3 claps fix on your preferred one.

Washable colour markers

Color your animal friend with included ZzzooLIGHT color pens. Clean with a wet cloth and restart painting.

Two Light Intensities - Bright & Night

Thanks to the Bright & Night light option you can choose the light intensity needed in each moment.

Animal stories

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to get access to the cartoon animal stories.


With the effervescent new Smart edition, ZzzooLIGHT has moved up to the next level, offering a range of new lighting possibilities for young and old, daytime or nighttime, for parties or moments of intimacy. This collection of lamps, made in the shape of animals with an innovative design inspired by origami, are real 3-dimensional sculptures, created out of a sheet of white polypropylene that is cut and folded. In Switch I, when you clap your hands, the little white animals magically change color in a sequence of bright and captivating hues – when you get to the green light, each animal makes its own voice heard. In Switch II, the animals enter into dim night light. After 3 minutes, the night light turns off. Any sound turns the night light on again. Any sound turns the night light on again. The kit comes with an elegant set of markers to personalize your little animal with drawings and decorations. They are easy to wipe off with a damp cloth, and help stimulate the child’s creativity and play. Use the QR code on the Certificate of Guarantee to enjoy a series of illustrated stories for children, for a moment to be shared between parent and child.
SMART lamps