Messe Frankfurt, the Ambiente Trade Show 2016

We will be present at the fair in Frankfurt Ambiente that place from 12 to 16 February 2016


recyclable plastic packaging and LED lights included

A ready-to-use lamp that will decorate all your spaces. Wrapped inside elegant packaging,the ZzzooLIGHT gift is ready to bewitch with its captivating graphics. The Gift packages are made from 100% recycled PET plastic. ZzzooLIGHT’s package includes a LED source with the power supply, helping you save on your electric power. LED lamp with 2 light intensities in white color - Bright & Night.

Consumption 4W
Power supply 100-240V


an original idea for your gifts

Silhouette plastic sheets which can be folded to form lamps that take the shapes of children’s favourite animals. Assembly is as simple and as worry-free as possible. By folding and curving the original flat shape as indicated in the lamp instructions, and hooking opposing sides together, the rigidity necessary for a 3D construction is created, without the need for glues or screws. The tension in the material allows the elements to grasp the flex so tightly that no other means of mounting is required.